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Analoger Multifunktions-Timer - DIN-Schiene


Analoger Multifunktions-Timer mit schmalem Profil für die Hutschienenmontage Konfigurierbares Multifunktions-Zeitrelais (Multi-Voltage, Multi-Range und Multimode), analoge Einstellung. Ausgang 1 Schaltkontakt. Steuerung von Lichtern, Pumpen, Motoren, Lüftern ...

  • GRT8-M1
  • Spannung: 12.240 V AC/DC
  • Zeitbereich: 10
  • Arbeitsmodi: 10
  • Ausgang: 1 geschalteter Kontakt


Simbolo electrico rele conmutado


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Analog multifunction timer relay, narrow profile (17.5mm) and DIN rail mounting. With a switched output contact. The main characteristics are the wide range of supply voltage, regulation time range and operating modes. It has a status light indication.


Power supply voltage range:

  • Direct current: 12V to 240Vdc.
  • Alternating current: 12V to 240Vac.

Time range:

  • 0.1 to 1s.
  • 1 to 10s.
  • 6 to 60s.
  • 1 to 10min.
  • 6 to 60min.
  • 1 to 10h.
  • 0.1 to 1 day
  • 1 to 10 days.

Ajustes de tiempos GRT8-M

Technical characteristics:

  • Type: Multi-function timer relay.
  • Model: GRT8-M1.
  • Voltage range (Un): 12-240V ac/dc.
  • Frequency in AC: 50-60Hz.
  • Supply voltage tolerance: -15%, + 10%.
  • Power input: 6VA / 1.3W.
  • Operating modes: 10.
  • Time ranges: 0.1s to 10 days.
  • Time setting: Rotary switches.
  • Repeat accuracy: 0.2%.
  • Output contact: 1xSPDT.
  • Current rating: 16A (250Vac, cosφ=1).
  • Switching voltage: 250Vac/24Vdc.
  • Min. breaking capacity DC: 500mW.
  • Power indication: Green LED.
  • Output indication: Red LED.
  • Mechanical life: 10,000,000 cycles.
  • Electric life: 100,000 cycles.
  • protection degree:
    • IP40 for front panel.
    • IP20 for terminal.
  • Width: 1 modulo 18mm.
  • Dimensions: 90x18x64mm.
  • Regulations: IEC / EN 61812-1; 610947-5-1.

Wiring diagram:

Diagrama de conexionado GRT8-M

Modo A: On Delay, a la conexión (trabajo).

GRT8-M a la conexion On Delay

Modo B: Interval, a la desconexión

GRT8-M1 a la desconexion

Modo C: Repetat Cycle, ciclico (Inicio sin activar - OFF)

GRT8-M1 Ciclico inicio sin activar

Modo D: Repear Cycle, ciclico (Inicio activado - ON)

GRT8-M8 Ciciclo inicio en on activado

Modo E: Off delay, a la desconexión (activación por terminal S)

Temporizador GRT8-M a la desconexion

Modo F: Single Shot, Pulso de salida (disparo por flanco de subida).

Temporizador GRT8-M1 diagrama de tiempos

Modo G: Single Shot, Pulso de salida (disparo por flanco de bajada).

GRT8-M1 diagrama de tiempos

Modo H: On/Off delay.

Temporizador GRT8-M1 diagrama de tiempos

Modo I: Latching relay, rele con enclavamiento.

GRT8-M rele con enclavamiento

Modo J: Pulse generator, generador de pulsos

Generador de pulsos GRT8-M1


Dimensiones temporizador GRT8-M

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